My Story

My Story

Why Did I Choose Online Marketing?

I am on the leading edge of the Baby Boomer generation!  When I realized that retirement would not “take” for me, I discovered online marketing.  I needed to feel productive, engaged and helpful to others.  I had tried several home businesses and kept wondering how to expand my reach helping others make a better life for themselves and their families.  That's how I discovered various platforms of social media. It is now my passion and my mission to empower other Baby Boomers to create financial security and live their life by design.

Who I Am

I am married, the mother of three, stepmother of five, and grandmother of fifteen (yes, that is correct).  I enjoy family gatherings, holding each of the newborns, watching the toddlers learn to walk and run, staying fascinated about what makes teenagers tick, encouraging the college students, and loving them all.  I can guess well if you ask me how old one of the grandchildren is, but I do keep a cheat sheet so that I really know all their ages and birthdays.

I am active in my community, by being on local non-profit boards, chairing several organizations and serving on numerous committees.  I stay physically active in a tap dance group, a clogging group, a jazz/theater dance group, golfing, Zumba, biking (casual–not racing!), yoga,and workouts on a Pilates Reformer, plus whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment.   I do love to have fun!  I also have a deep interest in healthy eating and natural healing, organics and more, and will gladly share what I learn in these categories as well.

I Am Here For You

Won't you join me on my quest for a better life for you and your family?  Stay tuned.  I am here for you.

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